Pre-boarding announcement 3: No, really, take your seat

I’m flying Porter for the first time. Porter gives you the option of paying a little extra for a premium seat when you check in. Okay, I thought, I’ll consider it, maybe fork over a few extra dollars for some more leg room, so I can stand up and relieve the pressure on my spine, and so I can be closer to the lav.

Except those premium seats are also on emergency exits.

Passengers with mobility impairments, or those travelling with someone they’re responsible for, can’t sit in the seats on emergency exits, because they may not be able to open the damn door quickly. And I’m okay with that, because, in an emergency, I want that damn door opened quickly, too.

But it also means I can’t have a premium seat, even if I’m willing to pay for it.

This dreadful suspicion that life is not fair trickles into my brain …

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