Sky Waves, a novel / a drew

Sky Waves coverIn Sky Waves, critically acclaimed novelist Michelle Butler Hallett broadcasts her dark and raucous vision of the deep human need for communication, communion, and love. Meet the Wright family, pioneers in radio broadcasting, gifted with drive and burdened with melancholy. Artist Gabriel Furey, troubled and abandoned, and his struggling daughter, Claire. Ange and Neal O’Dea, father and son, extreme ends of the shaky definition of “Newfoundland man.” Jack Best, reckless and passionate Prime Minister of the Republic of Newfoundland and Labrador. Nichole Wright, piecing together her shattered voice. And the apparently random Rose Fahey, wandering in and out like a shortwave signal. In ninety-eight non-linear but interconnected chapters — in a drew, a row of meshes in a fishing net — Sky Waves crackles with comedy, modulates through history, and works our a new signal-to-noise ratio. Tune in to this demented “aural” culture novel like you mean it. On the air in three, two, one …

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