New short story: “Bush-hammer finish,” in THE FIDDLEHEAD

I’ve got a new short story out. It’s called “Bush-hammer finish,” and you can find it in the latest issue of The Fiddlehead. Here’s the opening:

St John’s, July 2013

The trouble with Paulette, Nish Flannigan decided, reaching for his cufflink: she overreacted. The cufflink had fallen beside the wedding photo of Paulette that Nish kept on his dresser. He studied it: Paulette, filling out a sleeveless beige dress, standing on a wharf between wooden lobster traps, and holding not a bouquet in front of her belly, but a red buoy, scarred and beaten. Her red hair tumbled over her freckled shoulders, and her beige high heels stood before her, almost hiding her polished toenails. She’d tucked her chin down and looked up at the photographer, mouth in a smirk, eyes glinting. Mischievous, Nish had called her, wicked.

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