Goose Lane will put out a short story anthology this fall, edited by Andrew Atkinson and Mark Harris, called Running the Whale’s Back. It’s a collection of stories about faith and doubt by Atlantic Canadian writers. I’m thrilled this project exists, because faith — and the doubt that can come with faith — is hardly a fashionable topic in Canadian fiction.  I’m also pleased to be a part of it; my story “The shadow side of grace” will be in this antho.

Contributors: Michael Crummey, Sheldon Currie, Joan Clark, David Adams Richards, Kenneth J. Harvey, Clive Doucet, Deborah Joy Corey, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Michael Hennessey, Lynn Coady, D.R. MacDonald, Alistair MacLeod, Jessica Grant, Michael Winter, Samuel Thomas Martin,  Kathleen Winter, Ann Copeland, Carol Bruneau, and me. The cover design comes from a David Blackwood engraving.


  1. Thanks Michelle for the plug for Running the Whale’s Back. We are thrilled to have your superb story in the anthology!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    This is my third attempt at this. I’m not sure if you got the previous two…anyway here goes. A publicist at GLE is interested in doing a launch for Running the Whale’s Back in St. John’s this fall. I wonder if I could get her to contact you to see if you might be able to participate.
    Take care – Mark

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