Review of _deluded your sailors_

Reviewed by Lee Thompson at

“Michelle Butler Hallett is a distinctive writer with a commitment to her craft and her subject matter (in this case abuse, especially by those who write our histories, including our personal ones) that’s rare in Canlit. In fact, this intense commitment reminded me of much of Melville’s work. Deluded Your Sailors isn’t the kind of novel that provides immediate rewards – the action (though there is plenty) evolves slowly and much of the drama revolves around the internal struggles of the several characters, but the end result is an impressive work that stays with the reader. There are two plotlines in DYS – a present day setting centering on a planned commemoration of the 250 years since Newfoundland was, well, newly found. The other is the 18th-century story of Matt Finn, a sea captain (or pirate) who isn’t all he appears to be. Both timelines are handled well – populated with believable characters – and tie together without effort. 

An under-appreciated writer whose work should have more than regional appeal.”

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