One thought on “I write to get rich (bahahahahahahaha!), just like Jill Murray

  1. I was in a Chapters in fredericton in February, on book tour for _Verbatim: A Novel_, and checking to see if the book was there. It was, but not fronted. Humph. (But the staff very kindly did that, and had me sign the book, ad placed a sticker on it.)

    In the aisle was a guy in his mid-20s with a child in a cart. He was looking at books, looking for something to read, so I started a conversation and suggested mine. Yeah, I’m like that. We talked, and he told me he wanted to write a book, one book, and make a lot of money on it. As for the books all around him, he told me he couldn’t afford them.

    So what do we do to encourage this fellow who wants to be a writer? Does learning HTML make him more creative? Will it and an idea make him money? Most writers don’t earn what people think they do.

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