NL Reads

Kerri Cull at The Book Fridge is hosting the second annual NL Reads, wherein she asks various panellists to “defend” a book by an author from Newfoundland and Labrador … defend it as a book the panellist thinks everyone should read. Here’s last year’s.

Guess who said –Sure, I’ll be a panellist for 2013.

Yeah, guess who’s now saying –How do I get myself into these things?

Given my clotted up and argumentative ways … well, no book that I think highly enough to want to defend needs defending from me, or from anyone else. However, I do like a good spar, and I do like to flap my gums about a writer’s technique.

The panellists have been announced; our titles come next week. For more on the upcoming NL Reads, check out the “So What’s Special About Your Vagina?” vlog from The Book Fridge.



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